Road Load Limits Posted as of 2/26/24

Roads Posted for Load Limits

PUBLIC WORKS NOTICES: Waterville Valley Highway Department

Spring Road Weight Limits - Posted as of 2/26/2024

The Waterville Valley Highway Department is authorized to post temporary road weight limits for vehicles of more than 6 tons (12,000 pounds) on any town road, as deemed necessary, from February 1 to June 1 each year. Temporary weight limit postings are required to prevent unreasonable damage to roads and prevent extraordinary maintenance costs. Due to excessive precipitation and warmer conditions, the Highway Department is providing advance public notice that road weight limits may be posted sooner than later this year. The DPW will be monitoring conditions daily. Enforcement of weight limits may take effect 24 hours after posting. Members of the public are encouraged to plan activities in advance of the warmer weather that may be subject to the road weight limits such as logging, excavation, deliveries, construction work and/or similar activities. Please monitor road postings and the town website to stay informed.


Pursuant to RSA 231:191, the Waterville Valley Town roads have been posted for restrictive weight limits until further notice.

Below are the current posted roads:

  • Snows Mountain RD
  • Tripoli RD (from Ski Area RD intersection to West Branch Bridge)
  • West Branch RD (after the library)
  • Boulder Path RD (after the library)
  • Tecumseh RD
  • Noon Peak RD
  • Lost Pass RD

Please contact the Highway Department at 603-728-9969 or  if you have questions.